Smart solution found for enlarging a bungalow




The owners of this house wanted to enlarge the bungalow by adding a second floor to the existing structure. But, the poor conditions of the foundations, made them think to another solution for their wish. 

So, they thought of building an extension into the backyard. However, for this solution, they found another two constrains: the municipality forbade to constructs higher than the existing roof membrane and the second was the presence of a very rocky ground, that made the construction of a basement costly.

The architects came up with an affordable solution

The architects came up with an affordable solution: they compressed the spaces on numerous split-levels to yield the desired rooms, with a very nice double height dining room.

First, they lowered the new dining room to the level of the exterior terrace and to link ii with the kitchen and the music room through avast open space. The focus of the social life in the house is the kitchen, organised around a central counter.

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