The story of a simple, yet highly functional table

I am sure you have seen this table many times in different interiors features on this site, but do you know its story? Do you know who designed it? Let’s have a look.

The story of the tray table takes us back in 1963, when the Danish architect Hans Bolling took the challenge to design a simple, yet very functional table. The table had to be easy to assemble and easy to handle. This is how, the Tray Table resulted, perfectly reflecting Brdr. Kruger’s design philosophy: to craft honest and original pieces, which last long, are accessible in price for almost everyone and, in the same time, they have a contemporary twist.

The Tray Table has been a design classic

Since 1963, the Tray Table has been a design classic and a focal point of the Brdr. Kruger universe.

You can place it in any environment. It is flexible in use: you can use it as serving trolley or as a side table. The trays are reversible and you can flip them over four colour variations. You can also choose from a range of colours and kinds of wood.

Photo credits: Brdr. Kruger

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