4 best advices for choosing your washing machine

Here some good tips which will help you in an important decision in your household: choosing your washing machine. This is not much of a philosophy, but there are certain things that you must be careful when choosing it.

Think practical

The first and most important step when choosing a washing machine is the measurement of the place where you will mount it. Whether it is in the bathroom, or under the kitchen sink, you must know the exact dimensions of the space you have. 

Generally speaking, washing machines have standard dimensions, so a simple search on the internet will help you go easier with it.

Capacity matters

Typically, a drum machine has a capacity of 5 kg to 11 kg. Our advice is to do your laundry wash averaging about one a week. This way you will know how do you choose the washing machine depending on its capacity.

Energetic efficiency

When choosing the washing machine, pay attention to energy efficiency label. Recommended minimum is A +.

Functions and features

For more features, you'll pay more. But do you need all? Make a brief summary of the things that you have and how you need them to be washed, in this way will you choose and the right washing machine, without thinking that you paid extra for some features which you will never use.

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