Visit Walt Disney’s Palm Springs vacation home

Walt Disney, the world leader in cartoon characters and maybe one of the most famous professional in his domain, had dreamt about success from the moment he founded Walt Disney Co. in 1920, together with his more shy brother, Roy Disney. During their activity they received 26 Academy Awards and their legacy lasts long after their deaths.

The home you are going to see next, was built three years before Walt’s death. Located in Palm Springs, it was meant to be a getaway from his chaotic work schedule. 

The house has four bedrooms and four bathrooms, a large dining room and a kitchen, a pool and a spa. The mid-century designed home, with a perfect neutral background, is furnished with Art Deco pieces. From place to place, one can see little signs that the house was owned by Walt Disney.

At the moment, the house is for sale, priced at $899,000. The lucky future owner will have the chance to live in Walt Disney’s unique universe.

Photo credits: toptenrealestate.com

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