Trend Alert: Terrariums & Hanging Plants

You don’t need a green thumb to enjoy Rogue’s on-trend terrariums and hangers. Let us show you what’s trending in faux plants this season.

Perfect as gifts or to bring lush beauty to desks, bedsides, coffee tables or shelves – the terrariums are the closest replicas of nature’s beauty. For a burst of fern-tastic green, opt for our Fern Mix Squat Terrarium. To showcase a hot plant trend, go for the Succulent Garden Terrarium.

Hanging plants is a stylish way to inject green into small spaces. If it’s a more rustic look your story calls for, the Hanging Pendants tick the box. For stylish urban greenery – the metallic Wall Planters are the way to go.

Give these beautifully-crafted terrariums and hanging plants the green light for your next decor story.

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