One bedroom for two sisters

It is always a challenge to decorate one room for two children. Starting with the furniture and ending with accessories and decorations that need to please both children. See below our proposal for setting up a children's bedroom.

One bedroom for two sisters

Major investment in such a situation is in the furniture. The bunk bed is the perfect solution in arranging a children's bedroom. It practically takes up little space and the little ones can alternate nights when one will sleep up or down. In such a situation it is important to be a quality bed and take appropriate safety systems.

Step two is the choice of accessories and decorations. There'll never be able to reconcile both tastes, and you will be have to educate. The proposal in the picture is very creative, but quite busy in terms of colors and textures. Parents of these children have chosen several types of wallpaper with different patterns – is a difficult choice, and if you do not know how to do to get out, better leave that to a professional.

Text by: Sânziana Iaru
Photo: Pinterest

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