A beautiful chalet located on the shore of a lake

This beautiful chalet is located on the shore of a lake and takes place on the edge of a cedar wood with majestic mature incline trunk trees. Although the footprint of this two-storey building is substantial, because the roof slope follows the landscape the impact of the site integration is minimal.

You can access the entrance from a superior level

The entrance to the chalet is located on the superior level, where you access by a big outdoor porch to the doorway. The inferior level, where the living spaces are located is at the same plane of the ground nearby. 

The most cleared view of the lake

A large terrace next to the master bedroom offers the most cleared view of the lake and a generous sunlit space for the owners. 

The exterior finishes are made from dressed stones and cedar cladding, natural materials and site specific. The sloped roof is covered with zinc finish steel that turn toward the ground to in a manner of a protective case.

Photo credits: Angus McRitchie

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