5 Decorating Ideas for Modern Bathrooms

With a little inspiration from us and some practical tips, you'll be able to decorate your dream bathroom. 

Most of the bathrooms have a simple shelf in front of the the mirror glass (which should be cleaned often). Our proposal is a wooden shelf, a modern version that does not require a lot of attention from you and which will blend in easyly.

Turquoise wooden furniture is elegant and modern at the same time. Our proposal is a turquoise body with roomy shelves (for towels and other bathroom accessories).

Perhaps you do not have the space that is shown in this picture, but it certainly can be inspirational for your bathroom. You can paint the door’s frames with gold and choose a wodden bathroom furniture, in a natural color.

This bathroom is inspired by a holiday in Greece or Cyprus. Plastered walls, then paint with white can be an option for your bathroom. Instead of traditional cabinets, you can use an old ladder for storing old towels.

A black paneled wall, a mirror framed with golden can make your bathroom elegant and modern at the same time.

Text by: Sânziana Iaru
Foto: Pinterest

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