Jane’s Fonda modernist home in Beverly Hills

Jane’s Fonda modernist home in Beverly Hills looks like a nest above the city. It has three quarters of an acre and the light, the architecture, the lines were the triggers which convinced her back in 2012 to purchase this property with music producer Richard Perry.

The residence was originally built in 1961 and since then was remodelled extensively by previous owners. The lower level is dominated by a glass elevator, which connects first and second floors. This part of the house also serves as an art gallery — here one will see many paintings and art objects.

The residence has five bedrooms, six bathrooms, a gym, a media room and a home office. The kitchen is nothing but ordinary, as it opens to an expansive wall of windows, looking outside to the sweeping views.

Eco-friendly elements

Photo voltaic panels, ventless fireplaces, a solar heat pool, bamboo floors are some of the elements which connect the home to nature.

The property is now on the market, for 12,995,000 dollars.

Photo credits: www.previewsinsideout.com

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