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A smart trolley with so many uses

Just a small piece of furniture can be very versatile, like this trolley designed by Mr. Tero Jakku from Finland. The Fleimio Trolley is made of birch plywood, by a local Finnish carpenter, while its surface is lacquered. Is has an organic and minimalistic look and has many ways in which it can be used.

The Fleimio Trolley comes in two dimensions

The Fleimio Trolley comes in two dimensions: one smaller and one bigger and in four colours (grey, red, white and black). Is has two wheels and several shelves which will help you storage things you have at home. You can used it as an elegant frame for your logs during winter (in case you warm your house with wood during cold season), or you can store on the shelves books, clothes or any other house items.

You can position it vertically or horizontally, depending on your needs and available space. The Fleimio Trolley has also an ergonomic handle and is delivered fully assembled, ready to be used.

Photo credits: Mr. Tero Jakku 

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