Urban home in a natural setting

When the owners of this small house where looking for one, they knew exactly what they wanted: a house with a simple volume, close to a river and to the nature, intimate yet with some other neighbour properties.

After a long research, they found this property, where the ground floor is 67 sm, while the second floor is 61 sm.

On the ground floor there are the living room and the kitchen, distinct from one another, preserving this a sense of privacy. 

Upstairs one can find the two bedrooms and the main bathroom that has two sinks, toilet, shower and a washbasin in three separated spaces, also out a o sense of privacy.

The house is L-shaped, this allowing for many windows and thus more natural light inside the house during the day. Each room also has a view to the river, just as the owners asked from the very beginning. 

The simple volume of the house minimizes the building’s impact on the site, thus resulting one more time a intimate house, just like the people who own it.

Photo: Alberto Biscaro.

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