The tractor house turned into a restaurant

A young Thai design team, hypothesis, managed to turn a tractor house into a restaurant, now named Vivarium. The project won last year the award for bars and restaurants during INSIDE World Festival of Interiors, that took place in Singapore.

The original structure

The designers kept the original structure so that they could accent the former industrial features of the building. In order for you to see this better, you can observe in the pictures that the original parts have been painted in white, while the new ones are red – just to highlight the contrast betweet the old tractor house and the new Vivarium restaurant.

Objects found in the tractor house were used to decorate the interior of the restaurant, so that the budget remained minimum. 

The new concept

The concept of the Vivarium restaurant was to bring to a new life a former warehouse as a terrarium. Thus, the glass sourfaces are large, allowing the guests to see outside, while many green plants populate the upper volume. Vivarium becoming thus a container of life.

Photos: www.hypothesis.co.th

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