Bringing light to the living spaces

This house is a good example of how you can bring direct sunlight in a limited space. This was the main challenge the architects had when they started working on this house. 

The response to this challenge was simple: they flipped the vertical hierarchy found in most two storey homes by carving out a series of spaces from the house’s volume. Following this, the light available at the center of the lot is drawn down into the heart of the house.

The central outdoor courtyard

The central outdoor courtyard is one of the most interesting features of the house. The rooms have all access to this space, while the windows at different levels provide a dramatic quality to the courtyard space.

The interior is simple, yet very well organised

The interior is uniform, with touches of warm materials and neutral colors. The polished concrete floors and white walls were chosen on purpose so that the main focus is on the owners’ collection of art and design objects.

Architects: Thomas Balaban 

Photo credits: Adrien Williams

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