The house were the focal point is the midcentury pool

A bold and minimalist house in Toronto, completed by multidisciplinary studio +tongtong, was designed to be very functional. The open space interiors can easily transform from pool house to guesthouse, to work studio or to an even space. 

The big pool is a relic from the midcentury era, but the years passing by make it go thorough multiple renovations. “Its true potential was really buried under a lot of different interpretations,” says principal John Tong. “I wanted to redefine its modernity while making a place that is warm and full ease.”

Windows were pushed flushed to the ceiling to articulate the plane of the roof and offer sunlight, while providing privacy for guests. The focal point, which is obviously the pool, was reimagined without changing its shape. “The whole composition is made up of these new elements layered over top of the existing,” says Tong. “The deck is laid on top of the pool edge; the existing roof was extended to create a new floating shelf.”

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