Taylor Swift’s latest real estate acquisition

Taylor Swift is one of the world’s richest celebrities, she has concerts all over the world, endorses some of the most important brands and is loved by everyone.

Real estate is one of the fields where she prefers to invest her money. She has homes in New York, Nashville, Rhode Island and, the latest acquisition is a mansion in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills. But this is no ordinary home in Beverly Hills. 

The former owner of the mansion was Samuel Goldwyn and now Taylor is making sure that her new home will be a recognitions of Goldwyn’s contributions to the film industry and will preserve for future generations of movie fans.

The interior was brought back to 1934 look

This is why, last year she worked with a good team of architects in order to bring the interior back to its condition that existed in 1934 when it was built for Goldwyn and his wife.

The house has seven bedrooms, ten baths, a library-screening room, a guest suite, a library, card-room, gym, a garage, a swimming pool with a pool house and tennis courts.

The architects did a brilliant job, as today the house looks exactly like in ’34, from the original windows, to the pool cabana’s column.

Photo credit: Coldwell Banker

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