Monte Sereno

MONTE SERENO is located on the way to Santa Fe Opera House, wich is one of the most beautiful areas in all of Santa Fe. „This project has the best view of any house we have ever worked onˮ, says Paul Rochford.

The home faces East, overlooking the Sangre de Cristo mountains, and the house is flooded with morning light. At night, when the sky turns red at sunset, the whole house is bathed in color. The house is up so high, it almost looks like you can touch the mountains from the deck facing all this beauty. The view from the deck is absoutely breathtaking.

The couple, two men from Dallas, bought this project as a second, weekend and vacation home. Itʼs the perfect place to escape the heat of Texas, especially in the summer, when Santa Feʼs weather is delightful. V&R worked with Tierra Concepts Inc, an award – winning Designer / Builder.

The design plan – no antiques of any kind. The couple wanted the house to be absolutely modern with a neutral background to highlight their very colorful art collection. Regarding the art collection, Violante&Rochford were excited to curate the collection in a new way.

Almost every piece of furniture in the house is either a classic icon, like the Noguchi table and the Arme Jacobsen chair in the sitting room/library, or it was custom – made. Even the bed linens were custom. And new rugs were brought in to every room, some to provide more color to the rooms.

Violante&Rochford went for a light caramel color all over the house, and it evokes a very calm, very zen kind of home, where nature makes a big statement out of the many windows. There are stunning views out of every room. The house is also extremely adaptable because of the open flow and large open spaces, for guests and entertaining, two things very important to the couple. And the deck is a big draw for enjoying the natural elements. Yet, there is still privacy available in the house which is a nice counterpoint.

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