Invite the magic to your child’s room

Children live in a world of fantasy, where anything can happen, and everything is possible. The best way to give them a happy childhood is to harness this magic, so it doesn’t dispel too quickly.

Colors, shapes, and motives play a great role in a child’s development. They inspire our little ones to discover the world, learn, look for answers and grow.

Pixers’ suggestion is to design a child’s space with themed wall decorations and create a magical space to live, play and dream. It is also a wonderful way to reflect kids’ interests and build their personality.

Personalizing interiors with different types of materials provides limitless possibilities for creativity. The room could be arranged with kid’s motifs such as: princesses, trains, animals or your child’s favourite cartoon character. Choosing and designing the motif could be a great fun for both parents and kids, but also it is a great idea for a Children's Day surprise gift.

All Pixers' wall murals, wall decals, stickers and posters are custom-sized and come in a wide variety of permanent and reusable materials. Pixerstick is the easiest to install and the easiest to remove self-adhesive material that sticks to any flat surface. It's reusable and  removable so it is perfect solution for a kids’ room which  could easy be redecorated as the children grow. They can also be easily removed without damaging the surface and placed in a different place at any time. 

For more ideas visit:  http://pixersize.com/

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