From a traditional Victorian house, to a bright and modern home

+tongtong multidisciplinary design studio completed the renovation of a traditional Victorian house. Their brief was to built a home for a modern family, while remaining true to the vernacular of the neighbourhood.

So, on the outside, the house has a very rural look, while on the inside the industrial materials are the signs of a contemporary space. In terms of colors, grey and black were used throughout the exterior and interior, as the blend traditional aspects with a modern feeling.

Bringing light down to the first floor

“I really embrace the space between the two floors. It turns the second floor hallway into a bridge that connects all of the floors. This is the key to bringing light down to the first floor,” says +tongtong principal John Tong.

The third floor is maybe the most spectacular in the house. The entire gable has been replace with an expansive triangular glass window. The owners have now views of the neighbourhood and the downtown skyline.

Photo credits: Lisa Petrole

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