This residence is characterised by minimalist design

This residence is characterised by its small square footage per floor. Its living spaces have been divided over the two levels: the kitchen (very compact and highly functional) and the dining room facing the yard, while the mezzanine living room is perched above.

The furniture has a minimalistic design, with fine finishing details. The black surfaces of the kitchen island are in a heavy contrast with the countertop edges and panels, they give the room an air of lightness.

You can clearly see this lightness and the minimalism of design when you look at the interior staircase. This is not but chance, but every house opening has been placed in order to create light effects, accentuated by the interior’s minimalist design.

Also, the ceiling, which is uninterrupted, provides the space with an accentuated impression of openness.

All in all this 4-level interior, which was design by la SHED Architecture, is a very good example of minimalistic and functional design.

Photo credit: Maxime Brouillet

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