Ferdinand lounge chair, inspired by Danish design

When you say Danish design you say simplicity and this is what you will see when you look at Ferdinand lounge chair, recently launched by OeO Studio for Brdr. Kruger.

The design of this comfy chair is inspired by mid-century Danish design. It is spiced, tweaked, yet simple and comfortable. When the designers from OeO Studio had to create this chair they had in mind a fresh design which reflects contemporary sensibilities, and in the same time honouring the legacy of 20th century design.

The key element of the structural design is woodturning, a technique that combines classic craftsmanship and high tech manufacturing, the result being thus a distinct design where the backrest and the frame melt together.

Why Ferdinand?

The name of the chair comes from one of the founding brother of OeO Studio. You can find it available in soap-treated oak and black stained oak. The seat is available in leather or three elegant colours, with unique three-dimensional patterns.

Photo credits: Brdr. Kruger

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