A 110 year old house turned into sustainable residence

The development company baukultur/ca recently completed the transformation of a 110 old house into a very contemporary one. The new house has a sustainable approach and it was designed to minimise the carbon footprint.

Energy efficient green building

“Wee see our project also as an important opportunity the showcase the possibilities of sustainable modern residential design to the neighbourhood and the city," said Felix Leicher, architect and owner of baukultur/ca.

The home uses passive sustainable design, such as passive cooling, compact volume, natural light, high performance building envelope with white reflective siding and roofing.

About the interior

The main floor is one open space, that flows seamlessly from the entry into the living room and through the dining room. The borders between interior and exterior blur into each other. You can see the inside extending onto the exterior deck and west-facing garden.

The colour that predominates here is white — which make the interior bright and clean.

Photo credits: baukultur.ca/

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