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A home and a studio for a sculptor

This residence is like nothing you have seen before. It was built by Wiedemann Architects on an abandoned limestone quarry with a breathtaking view to the Potomac River. 

A sculptor from Paris lives here

The main goal was to create a simple form, separated from and interwined with nature. As one looks towards the building, can clearly see two simple concrete volumes which rise from the limestone. The space is modulated by the grid of steel columns, while the framed views of the changing nature are the blurring lines between inside and outside.

The interior had to be very inspiration for the client was a sculptor. The dark concrete floors are provided with radiant floor heat, while the whole interior has a natural cross ventilation. The colors are simple, yet have a major impact on the creative work. Red, yellow, white and lots of black were used to design the interior. 

All in all, the house and the atelier were designed with a great appreciation of the sorrounding natural beauty.

Photo credits: Hoachlander Davis Photography

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