Eclectic Interior Style for Summer 2016 by Christian Lacroix

Christian Lacroix is a widely respected French fashion designer who has seen worldwide success since 1987.

His designs are defined by a bright mix of astounding colours. Lacroix is inspired by the classic and theatrical, his bold embroidery, fabrics and prints to create luxurious detail.

When Lacroix’s fashion house opened in 1987, his eccentric designs took the fashion world by storm and made minimalism a thing of the past. Vogue named him ‘Paris’ most talked about fashion designer’, and he was awarded as the most influential foreign designer by the CFDA.

Lacroix has diversified through the years, moving to accessories, homeware and also rugs. His distinctive bright palette breaks up the darker, more sombre shades of other designers in a distinctively bold and unashamed way. 

Lacroix Rugs
These beautifully crafted rugs show Lacroix’s unique artistry in both his use of complex colours, and abstracts design. These beautiful rugs are available in two standard sizes, or can be made bespoke for your specialised needs and will completely transform your interior.

To view the Christian Lacroix rug collection online, click here.

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