Beautiful chalet with a spectacular view

When the owners of this chalet bought it, they knews exactly what they wanted: plenty of light and spectaculars views, while avoiding to loose the essence of the original building that was a mountain guide’s home. 

This chalet is located in Coupeaux, in the commune of Les Houches, France. It is sorrounded only by rocks and forest, which give it the appearance of a natural fortress.

Several changes were made to the building in order to update its design and also its materials: first of all, it was insulated, then one big livingroom was added, while sun-facing façades were opened up in order to optimize the use of solar energy (the house has no north-facing openings).

The new livingroom is made entirely of glass and polished and lacquered black aluminum, materials that contrast with the original timber construction. This new space was design mainly for socialising. 

After all the renovation and addition, now the chalet in Coupeaux is a natural fortress between rocks, with two personalities: one that evokes the family (the bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms) and one that designed for guests (the new livingroom).

Photo credits: www.chevallier-architectes.fr

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