Colourful apartments overlooking London’s rooftops

A former Buick car showroom built in the ’30, has been refurbished in 2015 by Eric Parry Architects and Studio Mackereth. The building has now five big apartments and one penthouse overlooking London’s rooftops. 

The owner told the architects that he did not want the beige classical interior, that you see on every real estate advertising site. So, the architects created a series of luxurious interiors, with colourful spaces, with settings that are not formal at all, stylish and contemporary. 

“It was important that the prospective buyers walk in and can immediately imagine themselves living here. In order to create this sense of ‘home’ we sourced vintage as well as contemporary pieces from all over Europe to create a story, as if the home had evolved over time rather than the bling-yet-lifeless look of most speculative show-homes. We carefully curated a library and also briefed a florist on our overall vision so as to reinforce this sense of a real home” says Sally Mackereth. 

Photo credits: James Harris

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