A single family home

Am existing building went through a major renovation, thus becoming a single family home for two adults and two children.

How the facade was transformed

The architects from SHED chose dark painted clay brick as the material for the facade — they wanted to create a contemporary vibe which would integrate with the surrounding housing. The windows were placed vertically.

About the interior

Near the entrance, they placed a compact block which contains service area, such as closets, bathroom or storage space. The architects wanted to create a separation between the vestibule and the living spaces. 

After one passes this area, gets into the kitchen and can see all the common areas. The kitchen is organised around two islands, oriented towards the living room. The material they are cover in, steel, creates more luminosity inside.

Next to the kitchen, there is the living room. Here one can see an elegant bookshelf, white steel tablets integrated into wood lattices and a bridge that lets the occupant see in the office above. 

The acces to the bedrooms and bathroom is found at the top of the stairs. This space here changes during the day because of the multitude of sliding doors.

Photo credits: Maxime Brouillet

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