What colors do we use for a teenager’s room?

When decorating a teenager’s room, don’t take into account the same rules or references as for your own bedroom. Unlike grown-ups, who usually go for pale, cold shades, teenagers prefer brighter and intense colors.

For instance, main colors, such as red, blue or yellow, can easily be integrated within a young man’s room. Bear in mind that you must pick a color that can be matched with a more neutral one. For example, tangerine (a “dramatic” combination of red and orange) or “cherry” are very fresh, modern colors which can be combined with grey or yellow.

If you have a girl, pink, light green, lime or mint, but also purple and lavender, are perfect for her bedroom. Even though, they are considered more feminine, there are ways in which one can use green with cherry or dark brown for a young boy.

Colorful shades like these ones they don’t just freshen up your room, they also make the room seem bigger – in case the space is too crowded.

Yet, the most important thing is to take into consideration the personality and preferences of your teenager.

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