Traditional building: the porch house

Romanian traditional houses stand out through their simple and elegant architecture. The porch house is a beloved traditional kind of building, much more appreciated than the modern houses.

The porch house has been built in many areas of the country, with small differences regarding the exterior details. These houses are made of natural materials such as wood or cob.

The porch is their distinguished element, as well as the sloped roof. In the inside we find big stoves, wood carpentry and always a cellar.  The exterior architectural details are usually made of carved wood.

The utility of a porch

In the old times, peasants didn’t care so much about aesthetics as they did about utility. The porch was really an exterior hallway used to store tools, shoes and sometimes grains. In autumn, when the weather was rainy, the family would work on the porch. With time, the porch became a place for relaxation.

The porch was always built on the sheltered side of the house, away from wind blowing, so it would not be covered in snow during winter. In summertime, its role was to prevent heat from entering the house.   


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