The furniture that can adapt every changing space and need

The designers from MOJUHLER team think that one does not need to throw away the furniture, but instead build something new out of the old piece of furniture. This is how they started the concept of this modular system in the images. 

The idea is simple: you can create different pieces of furniture by using just the same components, and you can do it by your own, as the basic structure has only three base components: sex bolts, angle brackets and structural segments. 

Each component has multiple connection point so that it makes the system very versatile

When disassembled, the system is flatpack so it can easly be shipped. In order to disassemble the pieces several times, the team from MOJUHLER carefully selected the best component materials. 

After you buy, let’s say, just one piece, you can gradually add induvidual components, extending your piece of furniture step by step, reconfiguring and customizing it as you please.

In order to launch this innovative product, the team from MOJUHLER  initially set off a Kickstarter campaign, where they hope they raise enough money to start producing it.

Photo: www.mojuhler.com

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