The New Beauty Trend: Bathing for Beauty, in Tea

Cleopatra was on to something when she famously immersed herself in beautiful relaxing baths, known for her beauty she understood that beauty needs pampering to really glow. Whether the bath was milk like a lot of hers or water, the act of luxuriously preparing and soaking yourself is the act of creating beauty itself.

Beauty is after all a whole body experience, it is not just about what you eat, what you wear, how pretty you are. It is also how nurtured your soul is, how loved you feel, how relaxed you are, how much you nurture yourself. This is an energy that shines from within and creates that aura of beauty.

Young women now are more photographed than ever before, making beauty the thing young women all chase. One thing they often forget to include though is the self-love that makes beautiful women as beautiful as they are. They have the look, the make-up, the location, the photo looks lovely but something is missing…

Models know it, actresses know it. You must adore yourself to attain that radiant beauty glow.

Botica Bliss is a unique brand of bath teas for women to unleash their beauty glow. These teas are your excuse to take that time out and be beautifully pampered, so you too can have that adored beauty glow.

These bath teas are very high quality natural ingredients that you soak in the bath just like a tea bag in a cup of tea. Some are for relaxation; others have beauty benefits. They are all little bags of beauty invoking bliss.

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