The most important trends from IMM Cologne 2017

IMM Cologne, one of the biggest international interiors show, took place between 16 — 22 January 2017. Let’s see which are the most important trends in the world of interiors that the visitors could see there.

Mixing opposites

There is no longer a right or wrong thing to do in your home. Different colours, different furnishing styles, plastic and leather can exist next to each other. The colour expert, Dr. Axel says: "More and more contradictory shades are being combined in the apartment. We seek both in it: sociability and retreat, attraction and delimitation.”

Products with a story

Each piece of furniture has to have its own story. For example, this year Sebastian Herker designer collaborated with a series of Colombian craftsmen for his woven stools. Presenting these pieces of furniture, while telling the story behind them, brought much success to the collection during its exhibit at IMM Cologne 2017.

Natural materials

Natural materials remain top of mind when searching for authenticity. Natural materials can be seen, smelled and felt. Materials such as fine walnut or light-coloured oak offer special appearance in the house.

Light matters

LED and OLED technologies mean nowadays a revival for lighting design. Different light bulbs can be used as discreet solution for accent lighting or concealed lighting. The source of light is artistically integrated into the interior design.

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