The Blue Hills House: a refuge for a happy family

When the owners of this house decided to leave the city, they knew that their next home will be hidden within the wooden hills. This is how they ended up by buying a 2300 square foot single family home.

Hardly visible from the street

The house is hidden between the trees and one can hardly see it from the street. From the inside, the owners can see the beautiful surroundings and the scenery. By having a single storey, the house maintains a minimal heigh and reduces the footprint on the local environment.

Natural materials

The exterior walls are covered with vertical cedar slats, that will age over the years, thus emulating the color of the bark of surrounding trees. Materials used inside also evoke the surrounding natural environment – wood, marble, polished concrete are some of them.

Through its refinement and simplicity, The Blue Hills House is a proof that man and nature can coexist harmoniously.

Project: La SHED Architecture

Photo credits: Maxime Brouillet

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