Scandinavian Inspired Clothes Airers

Fusing contemporary aesthetics with functionality this inaugural range of clothes airers from Miss Glass Home offers a new perspective on the care and presentation of your belongings, for him and her.

"dry. care. air" is the philosophy behind the Scandinavian inspired clothes airer range.

Promoting the natural airing and drying of clothing and accessories the collection consists of three independent designs ranging from $193 to $398. Each offers high quality construction made out of solid Beech, large rungs to reduce drying lines on clothes and eliminate the need for ironing and rubber feet for extra stability.

More than just a clothes airer however, Miss Glass Home has created her first range with interior space, weather and wardrobe in mind. Designed to care for and showcase your clothes and most-loved belongings it makes these pieces easily transferable and adaptable throughout multiple rooms in your home.

Featuring a slim-line design Airer #1 is purpose built to lean against walls or existing furniture. Whilst freestanding Airer/dryer #2 features special bullet shaped ends especially designed to cater for the smaller treasure in your life, a perfect addition to bedroom or walk-in robe.

The largest piece Airer #3 is big enough to care for your larger items (including sheets) for when you need it most.

With intent to create beautiful environments through the design and curation of high quality products made for longevity, Miss Glass Home has provided a must-have addition to any contemporary home and like – minded individual.


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