Romantic and dashing Italian architecture

After all, who doesn’t want a neat house which can stand out only through its exterior beauty?

A family from Timisoara has recently moved in their dream house. After one year of assiduous work, together with a crew of dedicated and skilful experts, the owners finally received the most beautiful house ever, more beautiful than they even imagined when they started to build it.

The first step made was when they bought the land, a plot situated in a quiet area, near Timisoara. After that came the “chase” for the house project, and that didn’t come that smoothly. In love with antiques and beautiful things, in general, our hosts have always wanted not only a house, but rather a place which can be called “home”.

Giving the fact that the ground that they bought was very generous, the owners had the possibility and freedom to position the construction according to the right principles of designing. Two important things were pursued in this sense: privacy and a functional yard.

The opening and the alignment of the ground are definitive elements in the position of the house. Also, the way that the house is positioned on the ground depends a lot on the underground town networks. Moreover, you must take into account the urban planning and the afferent rules if you want to build (maybe in the near future) some parking lots, a garage or, why not, a new house, all on the same ground. Nevertheless, the urban planning certificate specifies the authorized level of height for your house, and also the position regarding the alignment with your neighbors or any other street.

The minimum distance between you and your neighbor is of 0.9 m, in case the wall has no windows, and if the plot allows it, it is indicated to spare at least 1.9 meters. Therefore, you will have windows and privacy.

Another important aspect is the direction in which the wind blows, because it influences the direction of the rain and snow too.

Together with the interior designer Corina Saftescu, the owners have chosen both for the exterior, as well as for the interior of the house and garden, a romantic and elegant style, with Italian notes. “This is one of those cases in which the arrangement of a house was a true pleasure for me, because I was on the same line with the owners’ tastes regarding the furnishings, the decorations and finishes. The clients are in love with any piece of antique or art, due to their distinctive emotional value”, says Corina Saftescu.

The house has two levels, while at the ground-floor you can find the kitchen, the dinning, the living-room and two areas of conversation which comprise the internal stairs.

A very valuable element is the “bow-window” – a sort of construction which comes out of the walls, towards the exterior of the house, just like a little closed balcony, with one or more windows. The windows give the illusion of a bigger room, increasing the flux of natural light coming in. Additionally, the side windows offer a larger view, in comparison with an ordinary window. According to the legislation, the bow-windows are not allowed to advance with more than 1 meter the property limit, they can’t occupy more than 1/3 of the front width, and their height must be of at least 3.5 meters.

This material has been written with the support of the designer Corina Saftescu, www.cass-design.com.

You can find the Romanian article here.


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