Listone Giordano presents “undici” the new concept of engraved decoration wood floor

This brand new collection gives an innovative twist to the concept of wood floor. This is the original idea that brought together Listone Giordano (www.listonegiordano.com), the internationally renowned high-end brand in the wood flooring industry and Inkiostro Bianco Lab, the creative workshop of the homonymous company famous for its handcrafted and custom-made wallpaper collections.
The creative encounter of these two Italian premium brands gave rise to "Undici", an experimental collection where the wood floor, supreme living material, is engraved with a laser technique engineered by the company of Sassuolo.
Carvings, indelible grooves entering into matter to extract a new essence. The wood becomes a floor relief that draws its strength from the craftsmanship and attention to detail, trademark of the Umbrian company.
Decorum slips from the wall and come to rest on a horizontal surface with a process that reinvents the decor blending art and design using the best French Oak.
"For us it was a real challenge – confirmed Andrea Margaritelli, Marketing Director of Listone Giordano. The innovation behind our flooring collections always draws inspiration from an open approach to creativity and "lateral" thinking, just worth mentioning Medoc by Michele de Lucchi and Biscuit with Patricia Urquiola. In this case the path taken is different, however. Choosing the engraving by going inside the living matter, the result was truly amazing. "

Once again, the Umbria based Company is once more taking up the challenge to be state-of-the art and cutting edge playing a leading role in what is the most important week of the design world!

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