Italian style house, elegant and romantic

After all, who does not want a house to stand out with elegance and fine detail and good taste?

A family moved in Timisoara,  in the house who always dreamed of. After a year of hard work, in collaboration with a dedicated and skilled team, managed to get a more beautiful house than they would ever imagined at the beginning, when they laid the stone foundation of the building.

The first step was made when they bought the land located in a quiet area, located within walking distance of Timisoara.
 Then they began looking for house projects that would fit them best, and work was not easy. Beautiful and antique lovers, our hosts wanted a house that not only stand out with elegance and good taste,  that makes them feel a warm and welcoming at home.

Because they purchased a large land, had the freedom to place the house respecting all principles learned in school of designers, so as to have privacy, and the yard to be primarily functional. 

According to the magazine „Planul casei mele”, the opening and orientation of land are the drivers for positioning a house on land.
 Magazine`s experts say it is very important the way the house lays on the ground depending on the presence of underground utility networks. In addition, the regulations should be aware of the urban area where the land falls, as required withdrawals affect the position and size of footprint of the house, but other factors (whether to lift the garage, if furnished parking in the yard and if the future possibility of building a house or other buildings on that land). 

Planning certificate issued by the mayor clearly specify the level of future houses authorized height and position with respect to alignment to the street and neighbors.
 Minimum distance from the neighbors should not be less than 0.9 m, where the wall has no windows, but if the land will allow, it is advisable to keep at least 1.9 meters, so you can add to your home some intimacy. 

In addition, another aspect that should be aware is the dominant wind direction, as this will influence the direction of blowing rain or snow gathering place when blizzard occurs.
 All these issues that seem minor at first, will help increase the energy efficiency of homes and make savings on utility bills, both winter and summer.

Returning to the house project, the owners have chosen together with the designer Corina Saftescu (with whom they had an excellent collaboration), both outdoor, garden and interior, a romantic and elegant style, with Italian influences.

„This is one of the cases in which the project, was a pleasure for me because I had the same tastes with the owners regarding the choice of finishes, furniture and decoration objects. Customers are great lovers of beautiful antiques and so bought several old works of art with a special value.”
said Corina Saftescu designer.

The house is divided into two levels, downstairs is kitchen, dining room, living room and two areas of conversation that incorporates interior stairs. One element that adds value for both indoor and outdoor, is the bow-window – construction protruding exterior walls of a building plan, located in floor extension as a balconas closed provided with one or more windows, in order to increase the useful surface. The windows also act to create the illusion of a larger room, increasing the flow of natural light into the building. Meanwhile, the side windows can offer a wider angle otherwise impossible for an ordinary window. By law, bow-windourile not allowed to go outside the property boundary by more than 1 meter should not occupy more than one third of the width of the front and can not be achieved at lower height of 3.50 m.

Material supported by Saftescu Corina, designer – cass-design.com

More information and pictures in the magazine November issue of CasaMea magazine.

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