An old wooden shed was transformed into a beautiful chalet

This building, an old wooden shed was a strong candidate for a demolition, but when an architect saw its potential, he decided he would buy it and transform it into a chalet. The main challenge here was to find ways to develop and optimise the spaces within the volume that could not be modified due to planning by-laws.

The main features of the building

Contemporary lines


Using of high-quality materials

Finding ecofriendly solutions

Black and white interior theme

It faces the most iconic peaks of Chamonix

The building it is also a model of energy efficiency, as it is equipped with a heat pump and it is insulated by 35 cm of rock wool in the walls and in the roof.

The use of the interior space

The ground floor has a very big living room, an open kitchen and a garage. The garage is a nod to the 1960s and 70s American homes. Upstairs, one can find the two bedrooms and an office with children’s beds. Each bedroom has his own bathroom.

Photo credit: Alexandre Mermillod, onixstudio.com

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