A renovated duplex

This duplex which is located in a socially neighbourhood had everything to please the young owners except a bright living space. So, having this brief in mind, the team of architects from APPAREIL architecture gave a new lease of life to the duplex’s structure. 

The architects managed to revitalize the entire exterior facade and the interior design respecting their original style. 

About the exterior of the building

The construction of the building goes back in 1920’s, so they had to completely redone the masonry, to restore the foundations and to replace the fenestration of the front facade. An upper floor was added to the exiting building and this creates a contrast with the period structure. The roof were converted into terraces, where the owners now enjoy the fresh air and a bit of greenery.

Some details about the interior design

The furniture was custom made in order to maximise the space and to provide a refined finish. The white paint on the walls gives each room greater light, while the walnut wood contributes to warm the house.

The architects managed to renew the inside and the outside, adapting them to the owner’s needs.

Photo credit: Francis Pelletier

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