A boutique hotel designed around materials

In the historical center of Palma, a new hotel has recently been inaugurated. Puro is a 22 room boutique hotel, with an irregular configuration and rooms differently designed from each other.

The materials chosen for the interior emphasise the Mediterranean essence and also the contemporary atmosphere. The designers carefully chose natural materials only: oak wood, natural hemp ropes, cement, aged leather, cotton.

Unique custom made mural paintings

The project belongs to OHLAB team, who closely worked with the artist Pedro Oliver, who produced a series of unique custom made mural paintings for each room. They have also designed custom made furniture for each room and recovered pieces where possible. For example, the wooden mandala doors, marks of the hotel since its beginnings, have been recovered.

The conception of the bathroom is another important focus of the project. They were designed as spaces for pleasure and relaxation. One can see the sculptural bathtubs, placed in the bedroom just as another pieces of furniture.

Photo credits: Jose Hevia

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