The flexible lighting collection

Both function and ornamentation are being provided by the new ANONY’s flexible lighting collection. Having pure forms and a neutral material palette, these lights will be a true statement wherever you choose to place them.

It is very important to mention that all fixtures use dimmable LED technology.

The lighting collection is composed of three models

Ohm pendant: a take on a conventional sphere, that casts a warm ambient glow. It ca be displyed as singular, or as a cluster.

Horizon wall sconce: a minimal disc that appears to float off the wall. With a simple push, one can change the direction of light. Smart, right? The wall sconce can be produces in any colour and arrange in any pattern to create nice compositions.

Dawn, linear suspension light: the plexiglass panels gracefully drape over a refined aluminium tube, producing dynamic shapes and nice shades of colours.

ANONY is a young lighting and products design studio founded by Christian Lo and David Ryan in 2015.


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