Spectacular transformation of an old Bucharest house

Just like a larva turns into a beautiful butterfly, this villa, located in a chic Bucharest neighborhood, went through a complete transformation, inside and outside.

Frankly speaking, it was a rather unappealing old house when the actual owners saw its potential and decided to buy it. Designer Andreea Muresan was not as optimistic. Her first impression was: „Why would anyone buy such an ugly house?!”

On the outside, the four leveled building looked like a block of flats from the 60s, with an attic and closed balconies on each floor. On the inside, the massive concrete beams suffocated all rooms and the space was badly divided. Each floor was separated from the others. The entire building had only two bathrooms, one tiny kitchen and a narrow and steep staircase.

On short, the house needed massive interventions. The project took twice the estimated time. All functions have been reorganized. The facade was changed. Workers demolished a lot and built again.

The basement was turned into a studio for guests, with bathroom and kitchen, technical room and storage space. The ground floor is now an open space for living and dining, with a kitchen and bathroom. A library, bedroom and another bathroom are now located at the first floor.

The attic has been transformed into a greenhouse, bedroom, bathroom and dressing. All rooms have large glass doors that open to the balconies.  

Take a look inside!

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