Precious light designs by WINDFALL in the 2018 TREND COLOUR


The Pantone Institute has chosen 2018 to be under the sign of fiery-violet, considering it to be the best in the world today. On the one hand provocative, on the other hand reassuring, the ultraviolet is proving an excellent choice for creative people, open to everything what new means, who want to live in the original interiors.

In case you are still preparing a selection of products in the trend color of 2018, I'd like to let you know that WINDFALL produce and deliver all over the world
the modular LULA Silk Shade suspension and the HELLBOB chandelier also in a color just like thePANTONE Ultra Violet.

Many other WINDFALL lamps, such as the LULA Wall applique and the BOULE Passement modular chandelier
http://www.windfall-gmbh.com/welcome/#collection/ are available in this purple tone,
because the silk and the crystal elements used to create them can come in a very rich color palette.


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