A beautiful house designed in harmony with its environment

At the beginning of this project, the architects from MU Architecture first saw the environment of the site, which they decided to adapt to the architectural intervention. The rocky crest that plunges into the lake was the starting point of the project.

Thus, long walls of natural stones, which seem to project themselves towards the landscape, were born. They generate the apartments on the ground floor.

It is easy to see what happened with the rocks extracted during excavation: they were reused in the landscaping around the house, making this house designed in harmony with its environment.

Atmosphere at each level

At ground floor, the open space offers beautiful views over the lake. This floor ends with a veranda, that extends the kitchen outside.In order to break the monotony, the kitchen was black ash coloured.

While you walk the house, you see that each corridor leads to a luminous opening, making you discover a very complex residency.

Photo credits: Ulysse Lemerise Bouchard

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