The Sketch collection – wall lamps with a structural contour

The Studio Beam design team (based in Tel Aviv) has recently launched a unique high end lighting fixtures. 

The Sketch collection items have a delicate design, which makes them suitable for home, offices or commercial spaces. All the lamps of the collection are handmade, silver soldered and powder coat paint finished. You can find them available in five colours: white, black, red, blue and green.

Their structural contour was inspired by the sky line of Russian architecture or by one of the greatest art movements of the 20th century, The Bauhaus.

About Studio Beam

The team members often collaborate with other designers or architects from different fields in order to realise a shared vision. Their working process begins with analysing a new material, studying its structure and function. And the result is an object where its material follows function and form.

Photo credits: Yoav Gurin

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