How to beautify your garden on a budget

The pleasure of spending time in the garden multiplies when the outdoor space is attractive and cozy at the same time.

While plants and flowers are the most beautiful decor for your garden, when the vegetation is scarce you can animate the place with colorful accessories. Good news: you can do that on a low budget too. Here’s how:

1. Recycle old objects

A broken wheelbarrow, an old bike, a barrel or a sprinkler can become cute pots for plants while adding a vintage feel to your garden.

2. Do a paint job

Another solution with minimum costs is to paint the old furniture in bright colours and decorate your garden with them. An old bed frame, a chair or a coffee table are just a few ideas.

3. Collect bird houses

An easy and creative way to animate your garden is to put bird houses in the dull spots. Bird cages look good too, just don’t cage any birds inside! You can use them for growing plants.


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