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Why living in an attic apartment is a good idea

I sometimes think of the large amounts of attics out there that are used for storage, while being perfectly suitable for a lovely living space. Attics are cosy, intimate and quite strangely shaped which gives them a lot of personality. If you’re not yet convinced to move your stored objects somewhere else, here are 5 reasons why you should live in an attic apartment.

A warm and intimate athmosphere

There’s something about attics that always induces a feeling of warmth and cosyness, and that kind of athmosphere surpasses the fact that many attics are quite small. Completely unrelated to the style in which you fancy to decorate, the intimacy feeling is there and willing to make your home a sanctuary.

No neighbours

If the attic you eyed is in a block of flats, then you might just be the luckiest renter out there. Besides the apartment under the attic, you’ll enjoy quiet and a lot of privacy, perfect if you enjoy meditating or have a lot of you-time when you get home from work.

Light! Lots of it!

Almost everyone enjoys a sunny room to wake’em up in the morning and keep them alert during the day. Here’s the good news: the best type of window to catch a lot of sun is the skylight, usually found in many of the attics out there.

Interesting design solutions

If you hate conformfity and would enjoy something a little bit on the creative side inside your apartment, attics offer a good ground to play on. Since they are differently shaped than most homes, your designer might just be able to surprise you with interesting solutions that make the most out of your space.

Literally sleep under the stars

If your attic’s skylight is wide enough, you can see the beautiful starry sky at night or even enjoy the calming sounds of the pouring rain, aided by a relaxing visual effect.

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