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Turning a studio into a comfortable apartment

Located in a new residential building, this project is articulated around the issue of transforming a small space – a studio – an apartment suitable for a young couple.

The main objective was to create a continuous and fluid space. The only autonomous area was first bath, the remaining functions are included in an open space. The plan was designed according to the proportions of this space and front windows. The various spaces are separated by clear glass panels, allowing natural light to flood the lowest parts of the apartment. Glass panels mounted on a self open or closed space as needed. The glass structure produces an impression of lightness, contrasting with walls that enhance the feeling of solidity to the interior volume. Walls and ceilings were painted white – an optimization ingenious little favorable initial conditions.

Space is articulated around a wall that separates the kitchen from the living room.Wall, by itself, designed to incorporate glass panels in it, increases the fluidity of space. It defines and mask while cooking. Inside the kitchen has the support function and furniture, while in the living room couch posing as background and support for a series of framed photos.

Cuisine in a vibrant green, takes place on two fronts, one with clear function of preparation, while the second function is built in furniture and dining: a panel in a shade of yellow colors of the furniture is off, turning is a pivot element until it turns into a table.

The other side of the wall obliquely, living contains three elements: rhythm attenuates gray sofa touches of color in front of a table and a library created for the TV. Adjacent to the living room is a small relaxing corner, hidden behind a screen painted the same shade of green the kitchen.

One of the main elements that define how this space is a multifunctional, versatile and autonomous. It separates the bedroom from the rest areas, serving as fronts for intimizarea this area, is equipped with shelves for books and decorations, is the right sculptural element. This item has been designed so as to be accessible on both sides, or living area or bedroom. In the linear case have been introduced more colorful pockets that give long wall.

The bedroom can be closed completely from the rest of space through a curtain of heavy taffeta, leaving behind transparent glass panels. Of all project only bathroom and bedroom are able to have their own autonomy, and visually separating.

Purity of line and sobriety forms are balanced by bright tones varied color palette.Materials rich in colors and textures produce a warm and welcoming.

Key feature of this project is the ability to juggle with the use of space, light and furnishings to make this small apartment in a house and modern practice.

Arh. Diana Stere – Tel.: 0729.061.315 –  [email protected]

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