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Tropical breeze ….

So, we made ​​for you a decor in witch the wood and the green vegetation are the basic elements. The accents are given by shades of fire from the food complexion offered by a turquoise ocean underneth..

To enter into the atmosphere: we are on a terrace with colonial inspiration, located in a cool thicket, where the ocean breeze blows mildly. He and she are preparing to take lunch in the framework created at Club Paradise Cortina.

They serve lobster, shrimp, asparagus and salad served in fine lightweight porcelain plates, placed on woven ficus leaves placemat that protects the colored tablecloth. are Crystal-foot opaque glasses, handled forks inspired by a  coconut leaf. Candlesticks on the table, salad plates and utensils made of wood brings an exotic flavor.

Spices and fresh cut orchids are floating in the fresh air, and as the afternoon arrival is awaited with wire candleholders and small lanterns that will provide discreet light sweet dessert when needed: delicate mice served in martini glasses.

Exotic birds singing in nearby trees, hear the waves breaking on the beach nearby pearly, missing only the two lovers.

Have you called for someone at the table?

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