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This spacious studio has a fresh interior with yellow accents

Including one’s loggia in the living room space is an idea well known, but in this case, the loggia has two entrances, which facilitates easy movement around the apartment. Paired with a Scandinavian style and bold accents of black and yellow, this house looks fresh!

In order to make this wonderful space happen, the apartment was slightly modified by enclosing an area in order to transform it in a spacious dressing room, by adding a new entrance to the kitchen and by creating a side wall for building in the kitchen furniture.

Being left with a small room, the living room’s design aimed at visually enlarging the space. Therefore, warm toned wood was used to finish both the floor and the statement wall behind the couch. On this darker background, the hanging shelves pop out, becoming the main decorative element. The white, yellow and honey-toned wood used to make these shelves are almost obsessively used throughout the house, tied together with black.


The loggia visually continues the style and patterns set in the living room and effectively houses a small study, a relaxation area and plenty of room to grow some plants! This very useful loggia can be accessed from the main living area and from the kitchen, as well. The latter, a white, yellow and wood beauty with little black accents, makes room for a dining table which can be accessed from the living room. Having two entrances to every room seems to be quite a design feature in this inviting studio!

The bathroom in this studio is also a jewel. We would call it „industrial – chic” due to its white washed brick-like finish and the metallic accents, combined with very feminine volumes and shapes. It’s an all white bathroom that makes the most out of texture, the small metallic details and the light yellow beauty products being quite a visual treat!


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