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The latest ideas of 2012

Even if you are budget limited, you may have a trendy room appealing on glossy textures, natural materials and “metallic glow” to intensify the light.

This year you have the freedom to choose your own combination of colors so you can get a unique, stylish and modern look for your home.

The palette of colors is composed of precious shades such as emerald, ruby​​, amethyst, sapphire, intense golden yellows, exotic  coral   and turquoise.

In order to create an worm home associate them bold colors with gentle hues as ivoryor, brown, silver or light gray. You can use with confidence whites, but you must chose

The textiles you can use are alsow as sumptuous as colors. Depending on the style you want to print the inside you can choose from velvet, silk or wool.

Their assorted accessories natural fiber such as stone sculptures, wood, plastic orshiny metal.

Moreover, in the setting of 2012 you can insert large mirrors and  mosaic made ​​of small pieces of mirror.

Also in demand is the wallpaper, but the flora pattern was dropped in favor of shares with metal inserts or delicate details made ​​of Swarovski crystals.

Housing will gain personality through simple paintings from their frames that capture images of flowers or leaves.

Because it is the age  of  mixing styles you can get exotic souvenirs to integrate them into modern space.

Do not forget! Year 2012 is a brilliant, glossy, opulent, but comfortable and relaxing.

No need to invest a fortune to get a trendy decor.

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